Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Rejection Letter Game

To the victims of slush pile jockeys and sadistic editors worldwide...Never forget...


14 points if you actually did read the magazine/review before submitting

18 points if the rejection has a request to like their Facebook or follow their Twitter 

30 points if the rejection letter arrives an entire year after the original submission

8 points if the rejection letter contains a sentence written in passive voice  

19 points if you didn't actually simultaneously submit elsewhere

42 points if you specifically wrote your story for that particular anthology/magazine

11 points if the rejecting editor has a goatee

-10 points if the rejection actually contains genuine constructive criticism

16 points if the rejection letter contains multiple sentences written in passive voice

25 points if you receive a personal (not automated) chiding for not following an arcane submission requirement

14 points if you receive the exact same copied and pasted rejection a second time

40 points if you didn't even realize a story you long since gave up on was still "in consideration"

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