Monday, December 9, 2013

Fuller K. LaRouche – The Clown Vagabond of Vaginal Irritation

Fuller K. LaRouche; the performance artist, the fully functioning dope fiend and the matador. Fuller K. LaRouche; the agent provocateur, the published writer and the human being.
Fuller K. LaRouche, the artist, again assaults America’s Puritan conscience with his illicit illustrations in pop culture evisceration – namely his seminal piece on post-neorealist feminism and hip hop as interpreted by the urban artisanal set - the subtly titled Pork Ribs in my Vagina

Curated by the Master himself and interpreted by a coven of upper middle class white Midwestern witch transplants to Brooklyn, Pork Ribs in my Vagina is a devious sort of revolution in the guise of the “art show”, a veritable celebration of both the vagina and comfort food and Americana as all three collide both literally and metaphorically in a benign, quasi-Marxist exultation of occult desires and culinary deviations.

Fuller K. LaRouche, the lunatic shaman and post-apocalyptic poet has once again realigned the universe – Pork Ribs in my Vagina will forever redefine the way in which our society interprets the penetration of our species’ most valued organ.   

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