Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Fuller K. LaRouche - Female Ejaculation in a Mobile Home

The exquisite demon child, Fuller K. LaRouche, has again shocked the censors and uprooted the bourgeoisie with an arthouse cinema classic for our current malaise – Female Ejaculation in a Mobile Home.

LaRouche, in his cosmic wisdom (and with significant funding from the nearly insolvent Portuguese government) has crafted a wonderful story of a racist Wyoming bank teller who drowns her children, abandons her husband, and finds a true feminist calling in the former Soviet Republic as a wet nurse. Upon arriving in a primitive commune and being forced to marathon nurse hundreds of babes, our proud heroine elopes with a mustachioed yet sensitive police captain cum women’s rights activist, who escorts her to Turkey. After their arrival in Ankara, the police captain abandons her for his own calling in competitive beard growing.

This Medean tale of tragedy will not be found in your local, corporate, mouth-breathing multiplex – nay, LaRouche would never sully his reputation as an artistic outsider by creating a film that elicited entertainment and joy rather than guilt, confusion, and generalized alienation.