Monday, September 30, 2013

An Introduction

     Greetings, I am Dr. Frederick von Gastly, a practicing psychiatrist and physician at the ____ ______ Mental Hospital. I have long been fascinated by phobias and dread, and amongst our colorful selection of patients I have isolated the five most disturbing and disquieting cases involving abject terror. 

Figure 1.1 - ____ ______ Mental Hospital (currently undergoing renovations)
     I will admit that case studies are not the best means of research, but unfortunately my own past experiments (much maligned and misunderstood by my narrow-minded contemporaries) forced me entirely out of academia altogether, although I was more than happy to accept the position as Chief of Psychiatry at ____ ______. That being said, each week this month I will release a new case study along with any available corroborating evidence.

Dr. F. von Gastly M.D. PhD.

Figure 1.2 - The entrance to our esteemed Department of Psychiatry

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Tales of the Mad and the Macabre

This October we will introduce a new contributor, one Dr. Frederick von Gastly, a noted psychiatrist who will present five case studies, along with corroborating pictures and evidence, on the nature of phobias and dread.

His research, subtly titled The Collective Phobias and Horrors of Mental Institition Patients: An Examination into the Lurking Dread and Fear Experienced by the Insane, will be introduced next Tuesday by the good doctor himself followed by a new case study each Friday, with the final study to be released on Hallowe'en.


Dr. Frederick von Gastly

The Collective Phobias and Horrors of Mental Institition Patients: An Examination into the Lurking Dread and Fear Experienced by the Insane

This research is comprised of five unique case studies (The Drunk, Night of the Lunkheads, The Bell County Incident, The Meat Addict, The Tickler) on the lives and phobias of patients at the ___ ______ Mental Hospital.

The purpose of this research is in documenting and identifying abject horror. In my studies I have yet to isolate terror into a pure, unadulterated form but hope to contribute to that particular field of research with these case studies. I am confident that with continued research (and funding from some rather interested parties) we will soon discover the nature and causes of phobia. 

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A Summoning of Spirits

Update: As I've been far too lazy to bother to construct my website, I'll be using blogspot for the forseeable future.

Look for my latest tale of the terrifying, A Summoning of Spirits, in the November 17th issue of Schlock!.