Monday, September 30, 2013

An Introduction

     Greetings, I am Dr. Frederick von Gastly, a practicing psychiatrist and physician at the ____ ______ Mental Hospital. I have long been fascinated by phobias and dread, and amongst our colorful selection of patients I have isolated the five most disturbing and disquieting cases involving abject terror. 

Figure 1.1 - ____ ______ Mental Hospital (currently undergoing renovations)
     I will admit that case studies are not the best means of research, but unfortunately my own past experiments (much maligned and misunderstood by my narrow-minded contemporaries) forced me entirely out of academia altogether, although I was more than happy to accept the position as Chief of Psychiatry at ____ ______. That being said, each week this month I will release a new case study along with any available corroborating evidence.

Dr. F. von Gastly M.D. PhD.

Figure 1.2 - The entrance to our esteemed Department of Psychiatry

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