Thursday, April 3, 2014

An Excerpt from The Book of Esoteric Demonology by Pierre LeClercq, Vol. I

I present a mere snippet from a book detailing the uniquely occultist paradigm of Pierre LeClercq, a magus and conjurer of the darkest variety…

Nemo me impune lacessit

There is a demon known as Baptath, colloquially known as the “Righter of Wrongs” or “Great Deceptor”, who is conjured and evoked via the Archimedian spiral, and is associated with alcohol. There are several variations upon his symbol but to the uninitiated, a simple Archimedian spiral is not only preferable but highly advised. 

Baptath will suffer the intended no impunity. Indeed, Baptath is as ancient as primordial man’s own need for revenge, and should not be approached for trivial matters. In cases of exceptional obnoxiousness and abhorrent behavior that demand an equally exceptionally obnoxious and abhorrent retribution, a practitioner will consume alcohol, cast a circle and recite the following incantation:

You and I and thee,

The bastards, the bastions or the royal we,

Do declare and inspire Lucifer’s empire,

As we embrace and embody the doubted and dire.

Thou knowest the recipient of my curse,

And hope you shall revenge for my recourse.

Baptath, be a host to my skin,

Envelope my flesh and compound my sin.

Baptath, play host to my desire,

For you are the sire of loathing and ire.

Baptath, the fallen angel of the drunk and binger,

Remain my primary and only revenger.

At this point a practitioner will verbally state his complaint with the intended. After the successful execution of revenge the magician will supply Baptath with an offering of wine, spirits, or beer – the amount dependent upon the gravity of the request.

Baptath, like most entities, is not fond of evocation but will appear in physical form. He possesses the head of a goat and the body of a wolf, and is notorious for his insistence on pomp and circumstance. He will expect a royal reception - plentiful offerings and flattery – as payment for his manifestation.

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