Thursday, March 6, 2014

Count Drunkula and the 3-Dimensional Wolf Boy

This October - that beloved season of witching, warlocking and werewolving - I am delighted to present another guest blogger who will present five tales of the terrifying. 

Unfortunately it will not be the good Dr. von Gastly, who is undergoing both an extensive medical license review and a nasty malpractice suit due to his rather, ahem, unconventional techniques.

Count Drunkula and his codependent sidekick, the 3-Dimensional Wolf Boy, but mostly Count Drunkula, will unveil a litany of lewd and lascivious cinema – a marathon, if you will, of obscure films no longer extant and lost to history. 

The B-movie horror host and his assistant, formerly of KXFP in Kenosha, Wisconsin – were recently paroled for charges stemming from an incident back in Halloween, 1981. 

The duo, having been terminated from their positions as the resident masters of ceremonies after the cancellation of Kenosha’s own Late Nite Horror Hijinks - hijacked the KXFP airwaves on October 31st, 1981 for a 17 hour unsolicited horror marathon that ultimately ended in a standoff and shootout with the Wisconsin State Police.

Who better to host a list of the most unnatural and unnerving films never known to general audiences than this deranged duo? This All Hallow’s Eve prepare for another installment of Tales of the Mad and the Macabre.

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