Tuesday, November 27, 2012

In the Mouth of Juarez

I enjoyed an impromptu and unexpected reunion with my primary hashish dealer from an admittedly hazy period of my life in which I allegedly bootlegged during the Third Indochina War. 

We drank a charming regional cocktail consisting of potato vodka and a smattering of grenadine garnished with a dead moth. This turned our conversation to that dreaded cocktail, “In the Mouth of Juarez”, which has dispersed many a rum shake.

A strong Mezcal is poured into a shot glass. Valium is then crushed up into the drink, with a splash of coconut juice.

I would suggest that harder to find variety which also incorporates the larvae of the Cephida centipede. When dried properly, the larvae cause a euphoric psychoactive rush that eventually dovetails into a mind-bending trip involving a barren, psychedelic moonscape crawling with arthropods.

I'm nostalgic for my strange, feverish nights with the Cephida Death Cult in Oaxaca. One has not lived until they've witnessed the phantasmagoric and positively sadistic Dark Yddhl Cephida Mass. The Yddhl are a vaguely insectoid extradimensional entity that reveal themselves only through ones' Cephida trip.

I was introduced to Cephida while operating a gunrunning operation in the region involving several members of a would-be military junta, and was introduced to that demon drug by my confidante Cabron Franciso, a slunk trafficking drag queen with a penchant for amyl nitrate and rum.

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