Sunday, October 14, 2012

Ragtime for a Loup-Garou

I have researched the varied anecdotal evidence regarding historical waves of wolf type murders in that hive of voodoo infested, hoodoo congested quantum of perversity that is New Orleans.

I was told tales of a creature that had terrorized Mardi Gras in 1909, a furry demon of the damned that was supposedly executed and deposited in a shunned mud bog notorious for its use as an Indian burial ground for the loup-garou. In a Southern realm of the fantastic the loup-garou stands out as a sinister hex, a hellish fable that even Creole natives whisper about in hushed tongues.

And yet those familiar with the blackest rites of voodoo know the dead sleep but do not die, wait but do not perish. The proper rituals can summon the deceased, Man or Beast.

This horrific creature from 1909, at once damned and blessed by its clumsily unnatural and awkwardly heretical burial, will come once again to collect souls of both innocents and sinners, if one may be so bold as to readily distinguish between the two.

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